Windows 10 IoT Ent. LTSB 'Entry'


Windows 10 IoT Ent. LTSB 'Entry'

Operation system Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Ent. LTSB 'Entry' is only for POSIFLEX systems with procesors Intel Atom + Celeron (N series + J series + G series + 3000 series) + Pentium (N series + J series). The OS will be preinstaled on your ordered devices.


OS Windows 10 IoT Ent. LTSB 'Entry' licenceFor CPU Intel Atom and Celeron J1900 only
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Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is full version of Windows 10 used for comecial needs and security in IoT. Windows 10 Iot shares all advatages of worldwide Windows ecosystem. It 's binar equivalent of Windows 10 Enterprise, so you can use the same known developing and controling tolls, just like on PC 's or laptops. Please note, system Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers Long Time Servicing Branch (LTSB) and is for POSIFLEX systems only.